The Firm regularly assists its clients in the drafting and negotiation of complex agreements for the development, assignment and/or licensing of Intellectual Property and Industrial Property rights, trademark and patents co-ownership, trademark  co-existence agreements,  confidentiality agreements, agreements for the development and transfer of technology, agreements with the authors, designers  and inventors, distributorship and franchising agreements, advertising agreements, non-competition agreements etc. 

The Firm offers strategic and commercial advice on the development, acquisition and exploitation of IP rights, including legal advice on the exploitation of trademark portfolios

We also offer day-by-day assistance to our clients on a continuous basis for any legal issue concerning IP, IT, competition, media and advertising, international and commercial agreements.

In the IT sector, we regularly provide legal consulting services and we draft and negotiate agreements for the development of software, licenses, maintenance and service agreements,  escrow agreements, outsourcing agreements etc.  Besides, the Firm advises its clients on compliance with data protection laws.

With specific reference to internet and e-commerce, the Firm provides legal assistance on a wide range of issues: from personal data processing to protection of contents and copyright for the on-line exploitation, from the rules applicable to e-commerce, on-line gaming and sweepstakes to domain name issues, from ISP liability to legal issues on social networks.  

The Firm provides due diligence and legal assistance in M&A transactions with reference to IP assets.